Miguelitos Hotels Snacks

Miguelitos Snacks

Take a look at the Delicate Snacks tha Miguelitos has to offer!

Miguelitos Hotels Rice Meals

Perfect for Everyone!

Have a Taste of Miguelitos Rice Meals.

Miguelitos Hotels Beverages

Team Building Venue

Company recreation.

Miguelitos Beverages

casa de miguelitos beverage

Get a pick of our very own beverages exclusively created by Miguelitos.

Black Gulaman   Php 40.00
Pinoy all favorite thirst quencher with black gulaman bits.

Red Iced Tea  Php 40.00
Our very own Miguelitos Red Iced Tea in crushed ice to soothe your thirst.

Blue Lemonade  Php 40.00
A twist from the traditional lemonade taste in striking blue color.

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