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Miguelitos Hotels Rice Meals

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Miguelitos Hotels Beverages

Team Building Venue

Company recreation.

casa de miguelitos Rice Meals

Emperador Lights  Php 150.00/Litre
Gawin mong light.

Tanduay Ice  Php 50.00/bottle
Keeps pouring on the good times.

San Mig Light 320ml & 330ml  Php 60.00
Mahaba-habang kwentuhan.

Red Horse Beer(in can)  Php 80.00
Ito ang tama

Red Horse Beer (stallion)  Php 50.00

Minutemaid 4 season(330ml)  Php 40.00

Minutemaid Mango-Orange  Php 40.00

Minutemaid Orange  Php 40.00

Coke in can  Php 40.00
Taste the feeling

Sprite in can  Php 40.00
Obey your thirst

Wilkins Bottled water (500ml)  Php 20.00
The sweet taste of purity