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Miguelitos Hotels Rice Meals

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Miguelitos Rice Meals

casa de miguelitos Rice Meals

Our choices of complete rice meals that suits everyone’s taste.

Miguelitos Fried Chicken  Php 99.00
1pc Fried Chicken made with Miguelitos marinade and breading mix cooked until golden and crispy paired with our signature gravy sauce.

Miguelitos Fried Pork Chop  Php 99.00
Pork chop deep fried until golden and crispy and still juicy on the inside.

Miguelitos Burger Steak  Php 89.00
Two pieces of our Miguelitos Patty pan grilled and smothered with our mushroom gravy sauce.

Fried Shanghai Rolls  Php 89.00
Special Shanghai Rolls fried until golden brown paired with our Miguelitos sweet and sour sauce.

Fried Pork or Shrimp Siomai  Php 89.00
A choice of Pork or Shrimp Siomai fried till golden brown paired with Chinese chili sauce.

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